At Kanso Creatives our goal is to help you reach the level of success you desire through Pinterest.

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The account managment package is perfect for business owners that need more time to focus on creating top content and products for their loyal fans but don’t want to leave Pinterest behind. 

With the Account Management plan, we at Kanso Creatives, will take over the daily pinning, so that you can sit back and relax (or take care of any other things). 

The account management plan includes: 

  • Daily pinning through Tailwind. At least 10 pins a day, with up to 600 pins a month. 
  • Help on how to optimize your content for more success.  
  • Manage Pinterest Group Boards an Tailwind Tribes
  • Pin new content directly from your Blog
  • Revise Alt text/description, if needed 
  • Monthly progress report of your account
  • Monitor Account Activity and Review Analytics


Do you feel like you have been working on your Pinterest, but somehow you don’t seem to be getting any results. 

It might be that your profile and content is not optimized for success. With the account optimization package you can leave all that to us. 

We will look over your account and optimize your profile, boards and pins so that they are ready to take off. 

The account optimization plan includes: 

  • Profile name and description optimisation for better search results
  • Complete optimization of 10 boards.  
  • Adding 12 pins to each of those boards. It can be your own optimized content or content from other people that fits your board. 
  • Board cover selection to match your brand. We can either create new covers or choose beautiful pictures that match your brand. 
Other optional services: 
  • Update board titles and descriptions so that they are optimized for search as well. 
  • Organize boards and create relevant boards if needed to match your brand. 


Pinterest is a visual platform, therefore the images you use to promote your content are very important. 

We know, that not everybody is an artist, and though we believe that everybody can create beautiful pins, we want to assist you in that too. 

We can create beautiful pins for you so that your awesome pictures can match your amazing content. 

The pin creation package includes: 

  • Creation of different images for your content that fit your brand and style.    
  • We will use colors and fonts that match your brand to make recognizable and branded pins.
  • Service that adapts to your needs. You can either get a monthly subscription where you get a set of custom designed pins each month or a one -time image block (5 or 10 images). 

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